Art installation

by apasri aae


interactive installation- Let’s paint together with the wind.

June 2014

|Apasri Titatarn, Ashin Mandal, Ting Shen|

Paint Breeze is an installation concept and prototype for Interface Design Project – Summer Semester 2014. With the aim to explore the use of Fingies platform, it is an art installation based on the concept of live collaborative watercolor-painting- visualization from data captured by wind sensors and DIY RGB color sensors with humer intervention through an mobile application. The result will be an artwork made by collective inputs from human interaction and nature.

Prototype of the Tangible part : RGB Sensor and Painting output software on processing

full pdf documentation

U.C.C : unidentified Crying Creature

|Apasri Titatarn, Ashin Mandal|

interactive electronic art experiment

participants draw with graphite in order to vary the sound created by the imstallation