creative coding

by apasri aae

Paint with code in Processing

KaleidoGif Bot

KaleidoGif Bot is an image processing TwitterBot written with Python language.

KaleidoGIF : Twitter Bot

While running on a server, the bot can automatically reply to every image messages posted to its account. It will process the image posted to be a kaleidoscope styled animated GIF .

The code is uploaded to GitHub link here feel free to download and develop it further if you are interested.  😉

D.I.Y Light music

Creative temporary switch : prototype for a starry mobile

Tangible Programming : Braille Learning game

City light : data visualisation of electricity consumption

The Processing code reads data from a text file and generates a visualization of the data with the amount and brightness of the stars and window light.  The lower the electricity consumption, the more the stars.


This GIF is part of the whole visualisation of 365 days