by apasri aae

S H A D O W  || an  interactive  animated  projection
Master thesis 2016
an immerrsive picturebook experience with body tracking

SHADOW is an interactive storytelling projection. It is an immersive translated version of children picturebook. The installation integrates the space in front of the projection to be an overlapping space between virtual world and physical world. It allows participants to “walk around” in order to interact with the projection.  With 2D  hand drawn visual style, the installation provides an immersive experience of walking into the picturebook. The participants can interact with elements in the story and contribute to the development of the story.

The installation composed of two sections; the walking area and the projection( or big screen). The walking action and the position of participant is captured by Kinect Sensor. This data is sent to an open source program Processing to control the point of view in the virtual scene on the projection and it also determines the point of interaction with the objects in the scene. The walking area in front of the projection portrays the space in the virtual world. The path of the virtual space is drawn o the physical space of the walking area to give navigation sense.


The installation tells story of two characters; Light and Shadow. One day Shadow gets bored of having no color so he decides to go out and steals colors from the surrounding. He gets away with the color balls with the hope to become colorful like others. Light is on the mission to bring back the colors to the surrounding and help Shadow out of his sorrow.

Installation Overview

A short introduction animation is played. Participant starts the interaction by walking into the interaction area. An avatar will appear as representator of the participant in the scene. The participant enters the virtual world as his/herself on the mission to help Light finds Shadow. The installation is composed of two scenes. Each scene has a task to complete in order to move the story forward.  In the first scene, the participant has to walk to points where objects located to turn the objects back to colored. Once all objects are turned back to color, the story continues to the next scene which is the cave where Shadow is hiding. The task of the second scene is to find Shadow himself. The participant walks around the dark cave to find where Shadow is. Once Light and Shadow meet, the ending video clip is activated and show the end of the story.

Setup Requirements
  • Processing 2.2.1
  • Kinect Ver.1 Sensor
  • Projector / big screen
  • empty area in front of the projection area : the path will be displayed on the 4mx6m area. (paper, fabric)
  • Speakers (Left and Right)