Projection Mapping

 by apasri aae

A video mapping project on the wall relief by Joost Schmidt (1923)
The wall relief is located in the entrance hall of the Main building of Bauhaus University Weimar, Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8
Concept :

From DOTS to LINES … become LIVES


Base the structures of the sculpture, characters were made with the hope to show the connection between abstract geometry and living creatures.Those characters are animated to move within the relief while their movements are explaining the basis structure and how the geometry of the relief are formed together (cutting, combining), also the hidden directional lines and curves.


Spider (2013) group work

live interactive mapping with Kinect

Competition Genius Loci Weimar

Luis Hurtarte & Apasri Titatarn

Sternebrücke (2016)